About Neno Vukosa Professional Corporation


​Accounting and Tax Professional with experience at all levels of management from manager to head of accounting and finance.  Proficient at applying best practices from broad industry experience and providing practical solutions to situations.  Supported strategic planning by validating the plans; linking them to the financials and providing candid feedback.  Thereafter, developed the strategic financial plans, tactical plans and policies to support the corporate objectives.  Acted as a navigator to the business units and executive management by providing financial and/or operational direction through effective communication, be it verbal, on the back of a napkin or through the formal reporting process.



Value Proposition

​There is never a commitment to a long term contract (unless warranted by the project).  All engagements are on a month to month basis and our agreement can be cancelled at any time.

​All source documentation and transactions are maintained in QuickBooks and secure online drives. These accounts are owned by you and my access can be removed at any time.

​If you ever feel that I am not adding value to your business - Fire Me.

Affiliations & Alliances

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